Continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate


Brand : Maquet

Truly continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels eliminates the risk for trend gaps and enables proactive glycemic control. Continuous lactate surveillance ensures visibility on lactate trends which apart from offering prognostic information will also aid the evaluation of ongoing therapy.

  •  Monitors two analysts simultaneously glucose and lactate.
  •  Samples are analyzed every second and data is updated onscreen (at least every minute), numerically and as a trend curve ensuring no gaps in trends.
  •  Saves staff time compared to frequent intermittent sampling.
  •  Highly accurate in a wide concentration range
  •  Integrated alarms and continually updated glucose and lactate values onscreen provide peace of mind.
  •  EIRUS uses a specialized catheter that acts as a conventional CVC, but is also used for monitoring.
  •  It can therefore be used in patients who need a CVC anyway.
  •  Microdialysis does not require blood draws for analyte sampling, which means no need for anti-coagulants.
  •  Compact, portable and quiet.
  •  Easy to learn and intuitive.
  •  Sets up quickly and easily.
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