CAE iStan - Adult Patient Simulator

CAE iStan

Adult Patient Simulator

A fully mobile patient simulator with advanced physiology and functionality for unlimited training possibilities. With advanced physiological modeling, wireless technology and the capacity to create an unlimited array of patient scenarios, iStan delivers the ultimate in mobility and functionality for advanced training in patient care. Engineered for training purposes, iStan is certified for in-flight use aboard major military aircraft. CAE's iStan is one of the most versatile, high-fidelity wireless patient simulators available.

  •   Ultimate Performance - iStan boasts high quality features, including flail chest, bilateral femoral and popliteal pulse, bilateral carotid and brachial pulse, trimus, cyanosis on fingers and toes, central IV lines, and fully articulated movement in the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles
  •   Superior Cpr Functionality - With iStan, healthcare learners can train in CPR and perfect correct hand placement, depth and compression rate with iStan's physiological feedback capability for a more realistic training experience
  •   Realistic Patient Responses - iStan's quiet operation (which allows for audible patient sounds) and fully-reactive eyes add increased realism
  •   Mechanical Ventilation Support - Supports controlled asynchronous mechanical ventilation with variable bronchial resistance and lung compliance
  •   Maximum Mobility in Healthcare Training - iStan is completely wireless and expertly engineered for expanded, mobile training, giving instructors the freedom to launch a variety of simulation scenarios just about anywhere training is needed
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CAE Istan