CAE BabySIM - Infant Simulator


Infant Simulator

High-fidelity infant patient manikin for training in critical care management. Tiny humans depend on us in big ways. That's why CAE Healthcare skipped no details in developing its smallest member of the patient simulation family. CAE BabySIM is an infant-sized, high-fidelity simulator that is powered by advanced physiology for practicing critical care and trauma care. BabySIM delivers critical training features designed to immerse learners in a realistic clinical environment.'

  •   Suspension of Disbelief - Weighing 16 pounds, the infant simulator has eyes that blink, variable pupil size, cooing, crying, tearing and secretions from the ears, eyes and mouth as well as bulging fontanel capability to facilitate suspension of disbelief during training
  •   Immersive Airway Management - BabySIM possesses a truly realistic model of an infant airway for high fidelity practice in airway trauma or obstruction, including esophageal, nasal and oral intubation, BVM ventilation and laryngoscopic procedures
  •   Advanced Training in Infant Nursing and Trauma Care - Available in two standard patient configurations with learning modules developed specifically for infant nursing and trauma emergencies
  •   Validated Cardiovascular Physiology - Driven by validated models of infant cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological systems, BabySIM is an infant-sized simulator with advanced physiology for advanced simulation training
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