Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor

PulsioFlex Monitor

Brand : Maquet

PulsioFlex is a flexible platform with intelligent visualisation for advanced haemodynamic patient monitoring.Through modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, the system is able to be adapted to each patient's individual need at any time

  •  Optimal readability (Brilliant 8" LED colour screen with high resolution, Dark background and wide reading angle (>170°))
  •  Easy to use (Glass touch screen and intuitive user interface, Individually adjustable parameter layout)
  •  Comfortable handling (Minimised dimensions and low weight, Flexible mounting and installation possibilities)
  •  Future-proof platform concept (Modular expandability with automatic module detection, Network compatible e.g. print function via hospital network)
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Philips Pulsioflex monitor


Brand : Maquet

ScvO2 offers quick reacting information on the patients haemodynamic status. ScvO2 is much more sensitive than blood pressure and heart frequency for detecting shock status of any origin.

  •  The indications for ScvO2 monitoring for early detection
  •  Imbalance between oxygen supply and oxygen consumption
  •  State of shock of any origin
  •  Insufficient cardiac output (surrogate parameter)
  •  Immediate recognition of insufficient tissue oxygenation
  •  Access via standard -CVC
  •  Reduction of blood gas analysis
  •  Oxygenbalance in real-time
  •  Easy handling - no in-vitro calibration required.
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Philips Cevox

LiMON Technology

Brand : Maquet

LiMON is the Technology for non-invasive measurement of liver function and splanchnic perfusion monitoring, based on elimination of Indocyanine Green (ICG). ICG is a fluorescent dye. It is intended for intravenous injection. The absorption and emission spectrum of ICG are both in the near infrared range. For this reason it can be detected and quantified by optical procedures. Measurement can be performed non-invasively through the skin. Due to the fact that ICG is eliminated in the liver exclusively, the detection rate is a valuable indicator for global liver function.

The diagnostic importance of the ICG detection as an indicator for the liver function has been confirmed in numerous scientific publications and has been established for more than 30 years.

  •  Earliest detection of liver dysfunction
  •  Reflects actual liver function
  •  Non-invasive measurement
  •  Available at the bedside
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Philips Limon